Local Gardening Resources

The following list of local resources has been compiled to assist Ewing Community Gardening plot holders in obtaining supplies and materials, as well as recommendations, for the management of their plots during the gardening season.

Garden Centers

Bountiful Gardens

1536 Lower Ferry Road
Ewing Township, NJ
Phone:(609) 643-4209
Products: Mulch and an array of vegetable seedlings.

Stony Brook Gardens

6 Yard Road, Pennington, NJ
Phone: (609) 737-7644
Products: Full service garden center with a large selection of annuals and vegetables.

Jack’s Nursery and Landscaping

10 Woosamonsa Road, Pennington, NJ
Phone: (609) 737-0224
Products: Grows over 60% of all that they sell. The rest are purchased from growers within the state so the plants are uniquely climate acclimated.

Rosedale Mills

101 New Jersey 31, Pennington, NJ
Phone: (609) 737-2008
Products: mix of small animal and pet foods, horse and livestock needs, lawn and garden equipment and supplies, wild bird feeders and seed, paint and hardware. An array of organic fertilizers and soil amendments to less readily available products like worm castings and more. Will special order upon request.

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