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Great Reads

Great Films

  • Sourlands
    a movie about our own New Jersey Sourlands region that touches on the difficulties facing local farmers and green activists.

Great Links

  • How Green Is My Town –
    an “EPA-award winning environmental assessment program designed to help local governments in their efforts to address issues of climate change, sustainability and environmental health.” It contains a checklist which helps you and your municipal officials rate how they are doing in the effort to go green.
  • Pollinator Partnership – A non profit dedicated to the  protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems – e.g. birds,  bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals.  Learn what you can do to save the pollinators critical to our ecosystem.
  • Sustainable Jersey –
    a NJ organization that helps municipalities develop action plans for sustainable growth and progress.
  • American Community Garden Association
    a great resource for establishing and networking of community gardens
    Keep up with the latest innovative trends and developments. Seedstock promotes innovation and sustainability in agriculture, especially agricultural start up companies, university research, urban agriculture initiatives, and farmers employing innovative new techniques and approaches.  Check out this example of the information they promote.
  • The Incredible Story of the Incredible, Edible Todmorton in England
    How community gardening revived a town

Local Gardening Resources

West Trenton Garden Club
Helping gardeners to beautify Ewing for 60 years!

Master Gardeners of Mercer County
Their mission is “to excite, inspire and encourage the residents of Mercer County to participate in the rewarding experience of responsible gardening and pest management.”

Cooperative Extension of Mercer County
The Extension Service program is a division of the Rutgers Agriculural and Experiment Station. It supports local 4H, food and nutrition programs in the county, lawn and garden programs, including the Master Gardening program and the county extension services, agricultural and resource management and more…

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