thankyouThe Ewing Community Gardens would like to acknowledge the help and assistance, donation of materials and more that have been contributed.  These valuable materials and hours of donated work are extremely important to the renovation and expansion of the gardens.  Many Ewing residents use the garden to grow food for their family and others in the community, and the donated materials and time will indeed help make the gardens more successful.

Our thanks to the following businesses and individuals:

  1. Bauer Tree Service of Ewing donated a number of truckloads of tree chips which were used to expand the paths throughout the site in March 2014.
  2. Extension Patio Shop in Ewing donated about 30 wood pallets that were used to build the compost bins for our compost stations in March 2014.
  3. TCNJ Students – 2014 Spring Clean Up – The first site clean up of the 2014 gardening season was very successful due in large part to the hard work of student volunteers from TCNJ.  The perimeter path was refreshed and about 80% completed.  Compost bins for our 2 compost stations were built ready to move onto the designated plots after plowing.  All remaining debris from the 2013 season was also removed.
    The College of New Jersey
    2000 Pennington Road
    Ewing, NJ 08628
  4. TCNJ Students – 2013 Site Clean Ups – A number of site clean ups were held during the 2013 gardening season and with the help of the TCNJ students the beginnings of the site paths were laid.
    The College of New Jersey
    2000 Pennington Road
    Ewing, NJ 08628

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