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Now’s Your Last Chance to Keep Great Organic Materials for Your Garden!

The Fall leaf drop has begun in earnest, in fact, here in Ewing it is practically done.  This is your last chance to keep this wonderful organic matter to build better garden soil in your garden.  Don’t put your leaves out at the curb for the township to pick up.  Your best move is to keep them for your garden.  Bring out your mulching mower and chop them up.

  • Option 1 – Put them in your beds to protect your plants from the weather and frost heaves during the winter.
  • Or, try option 2 – put them in  your compost bin.  They will decompose beautifully by spring.
  • Option 3 – Mow them into the lawn to create a healthier, more vibrant lawn (see video below).
  • Option 4 – build a new, no dig lasagna garden.  Place newspapers, cardboard down where you want to create a new garden bed.  Cover (deeply) with your chopped leaves.  Make sure they are wet to hold them in place initially.  By spring, you will have a new garden spot all ready to plant. No digging required for bed preparation at all.

Check out the following video to see how easy it is to chop up your leaves.

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