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Community Garden Meeting

ECGA_001A meeting for members of the Ewing Community Garden Association will be held on Thursday, February 13, 2020, 7:00 p.m., Room 208 at the Ewing Community Center, 999 Lower Ferry Road. On the agenda is a review of the current garden bylaws and guidelines, spring garden cleanup day, long term garden projects, and community partnerships.

Spring Garden Meeting

Helping in the gardenThe next meeting for members of the Ewing Community Garden Association will be held on Wednesday, April 3, 7:00 p.m. at the Ewing Community and Senior Center, 999 Lower Ferry Road. The agenda for this meeting will include welcoming new gardeners, planning for the spring garden clean up and creation of a children’s garden.

Spring 2016 Organizational Meeting Feb 17

meetingby Pete Boughton

Those of you planning to sign up for Ewing Community Gardens plots at Whitehead Road Extension this Spring, please mark your calendars for 7 pm on Weds Feb 17 at the Ewing Sr & Community Center for the first organizational meeting of the season.


Look for confirmed registration information in the March edition of the Ewing Observer that is mailed to every household in the township.   But for now:
  • Registration for returning gardeners should begin on March 1st.
  • Registration for new gardeners should begin on March 15th.
Register in person at the Township Clerk’s office on the upper level of the Municipal Building.  Each resident is entitled to register for 2 plots.
  • After April 15th if there are still unclaimed plots, you may register for more.

We intend to check with the Township offices on the following prior to the meeting:

  •  confirming signup timing and details with the Township Clerk, and
  • with Parks and Rec on their tentative schedule of activities for tilling of the non-organic half of the gardens, and the dates for turning on the water and porta-potty placement.

We also should consider who if any wish to keep the Garden Council alive, and who if any is willing to be the go-between to the Township on needs and wishes and concerns.

If you have neighbors or relatives intending to garden this year, please get their contact info to us via our web form at

So as the first serious winter snowstorm rolls in, think Spring flowers, veggie sprouts, bird songs, honeybees & little critters.

The 2015 Gardening Season Begins!

2015plotlayoutWelcome to the unofficial start of the 2015 gardening season! We’ll begin with a garden clean-up this Saturday, March 28th and gardening can begin in the non-organic plots as soon as the soil is tilled the week after, and in organic, non-tilled plots, gardening can begin any time!

Announcements and updates

  1. Ewing Community Gardening Association (ECGA)
    The ECGA is a township-recognized organization formed two years ago to serve as a liaison between gardeners and the township, plan and implement improvements to the garden site, develop guidelines for successful community gardening, and to create a community of gardeners. We meet monthly to make plans and socialize; you’ll receive occasional emails with announcements and reminders, and they’ll be posted on the garden site kiosk as well. Michael Nordquist is chair of the association and can be reached at More information about the ECGA and gardening at the Ewing Community Gardens, including guidelines, can be found at this website:
  2. March 28, 10am-4pm: Garden Site Clean-Up
    This Saturday, March 28th, we’ll have a community garden clean up and workday, with assistance from TCNJ students. All gardeners are requested to come and help prepare the site for tilling, maintain the paths, and make some general improvements to the site as a whole.  The community garden only exists because of the work that gardeners do for it; please do your part to make this important resource available to you and others now and in the future.
    We will be cleaning up any trash, debris, or materials left from last year and working on extending the paths for the coming season.   If you still have materials in your (non-organic) plots from last year, please use this as an opportunity to remove them. The township will be tilling the site shortly after this date, and we need to have the ground clear of anything that could damage or get caught in the tiller. If you have a site on the organic/east side of the plot, since your site will not be tilled, you can leave your materials there, if you desire.Any reusable materials that are removed from the non-organic plots will be set either along the fence or in the common plots near the back center of the site. If unclaimed by April 15th, the materials will be made available to anyone who would like them.Please bring gloves, tools (pitchforks, shovels, rakes), your wheelbarrows, cardboard for path maintenance, wear warm clothes, and work with some of your fellow gardeners to put the gardens in a good order for the beginning of the season.
  3. Registration Update
    As of March 18, only 17 of 102 plots remain unclaimed. If you know of folks who are interested in getting plots, tell them to act soon! As of April 15, unclaimed plots will be made available to gardeners who would like more than two plots.
  4. New Gardeners Mentoring Program
    This year, we would like to match new gardeners with returning gardeners so the new gardeners have someone to go to with their basic and more complicated questions. Of course, everyone should always feel free to ask anyone around the garden; we’re generally helpful people.
    Returning gardeners
    If you’re willing to be someone’s mentor, please email this account to let me know. You don’t need to be an expert, just have a few years of gardening at the site and be willing to be available occasionally to new gardeners.
    New gardeners
    If you’re interested in having a mentor, please email this account and we’ll try to match you up with someone. Also, if you’re interested in being part of a new gardeners’ email group for sharing information and experience with one another, please email this account to let me know and I’ll set that up.
  5. Isles Garden Support Network
    For any interested gardeners, we will be purchasing a membership to Isles Garden Support Network. Isles, Inc., a Trenton-based community development organization, offers a series of workshops to new community gardeners to provide basic introductions to principles and practices of gardening. As members, any Ewing Community gardeners will be able to participate in their workshops. You can find more information about Isles Urban Agriculture program here and a schedule of the garden workshops here.
  6. Next meeting and Garden Orientation: April 15th, 6:30pm, at the garden
    Our next meeting will be held at the garden. We’ll do a brief overview and orientation of the garden for new gardeners, going over the general guidelines and answering any questions gardeners may have. The earlier 6:30pm start time will allow us about an hour before official sundown. If there’s bad weather, I’ll send out an email that afternoon and we’ll meet at the ESCC instead.
    New gardeners
    Please plan on coming if you can so you can meet fellow gardeners and learn about the general practices at the garden.
    Returning gardeners
    Please plan on coming so you can meet fellow gardeners and offer up your guidance and mentoring skills to new and other returning gardeners.

March 20th marked the official start of spring, even as it snowed on us.  Order your seeds, plant your seedlings, and start planning out your garden plot!


Barb Bromley’s Tips for Gardeners a Big Hit

SONY DSCThe well-respected, long-time Mercer County Horticulturalist Barbara Bromley graced us last Wednesday eve May 15th in the ESCC multipurpose room with a slide show, candid tips on soils, planting and mulching. Throughout she fielded questions from the mix of twenty newbie and experienced gardeners (including Master Gardeners) who till plots at the newly enlarged Ewing public gardens.

Preceding her talk, our congenial Business Administrator Jim McManimon caught us up on developing sustainable projects. And also well received by all were Lisa Feldman’s variety of delicious brownies.

See our Photos page for pics from the event.  Many thanks to Barbara!

Save the Date!

DSCN1179Barbara J. Bromley to Speak at the May 15th Community Gardens Meeting

Please be sure to mark your calendars to attend the next monthly meeting of the Ewing Community Gardens on May 15th at the ESCC from 7 – 9 p.m.  Mercer County Horticulturalist Barbara J. Bromley is our featured speaker!  She will discuss soil and other related topics that will help gardeners to be successful at a community garden.  She will, of course, answer any questions from the floor that come up.

For those of you who have heard Barbara speak, you know that she is a delightfully entertaining and informative lecturer.  For those of you who have not, you are in for a real treat!  She has been the Mercer County Horticulturalist for many years and she established and trained the Mercer County Master Gardeners.  She has been a featured speaker throughout the state.

Date: May 15th
Time: 7 – 9 p.m
Location: Ewing Senior and Community Center, ESCC, Community Room

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from an expert so be sure to plan to attend.

Plot Layout

Hello gardeners,

As per the request at Wednesday night’s meeting, for people having trouble identifying their plots, here is the updated plot layout with information obtained from the Township clerk’s office as of this morning.  As you can see, all of the available plots for this year have been taken.  However, you will also note that the Township has added one additional row all of the way over to the left side of the gardens.  These are not numbered in the drawing.  It was a bit further over than we expected.  Perhaps we could invest in little garden markers for each of the plots so that we could put our names up.  It’s a great way to get to know your neighbor.

2013 plot layout as of April 19th

March News

Photo courtesy of Ewing Community gardener Charles Green

Spring is in the air (well, not quite with Friday’s snow) but nevertheless, Ewing gardeners’ thoughts have been turning to their gardens.  Registration for plots has begun and turn out has been good.   There is still a lot to do to prepare for the gardening season and we are now into the final push to get things ready.  Things to do this month include signups for plots, the March 20th monthly meeting, the March 23rd Site Cleanup, and starting your seeds.  Read on for the details.

Garden Expansion

We have been working with the Township on the expanded gardens on Whitehead Road Extension.  As many of you know already know, theTownship promised to expand the garden space this year and the number of plots will be almost doubled. Mayor Bert Steinmann also promised to supply another water source that will be needed by the newly enlarged gardens at the January 2013 Green Team meeting.


Signups for plots for the 2013 gardening season began on March 1st.
■Gardeners who had plots in 2012 and before could register beginning March 1st.
■New registrants can register beginning March 15th.

Please note that the new expanded section is designated organic.

Garden Site Cleanup Date – March 23rd

There will be a site cleanup day on Saturday, March 23rd from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Approximately 24 student volunteers from TCNJ will be on site to assist with clean up of last year’s materials and to begin to lay out the paths for this season. The township will have tree chippings delivered to the site for the paths. All participating gardeners are encouraged to attend and bring cardboard and newspaper to put beneath the tree chips to suppress the weeds.

The Township will plow the plots as soon as the weather permits. The official opening day of the gardening season is set for April 15th. Gardeners will be notified if the date is earlier.

There are still quite a few organizational details to work out for the gardens this season.  From contests to food donations, from garden guidelines to organic guidelines.  Come to the March 20th meeting to help flesh out the details.  We are also looking for volunteers to organize the garden contests and more.

Save the Date!

Vegetable Seed PacketsThe January meeting of the Ewing Community Gardens will be held on Wednesday, January 16th from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Ewing Senior and Community Center.

The topic for disussion will be planning your spring vegetable garden.  An update on the current status of the Ewing Community Gardens on Whitehead Road Extension will also be given.

All are welcome to attend.