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“It Takes a Village”at the Ewing Community Gardens

DSC08258It was a great day last Saturday!  With the help and energy of yet another contingent of TCNJ student volunteers under the direction of Professor Michael Nordquist and the Community Gardens Committee we accomplished what we have been trying to do all season – decimating a huge mulch pile and putting its contents onto the paths of the Ewing Community Gardens on Whitehead Road Extension.  This was a fabulous accomplishment and will make a tremendous difference to the gardeners who use the site.   Gardeners have already commented on how much easier the site is to use this year since they didn’t have to do quite so much bushwhacking to get to their plots.  The efforts of the students Saturday have sustained and greatly improved upon our previous efforts.  In addition, we were delighted to have the compost bins set up for the gardeners use.  Now they won’t have to cart out the weedy debris but can be more environmentally friendly and compost it on site.  The weeding and the planting efforts that they contributed were just the icing on the cake!

Ewing Township, the Green Team and most especially the community gardeners have been the recipients of a number of student volunteer community service days this year are all deeply grateful for all of the hard work that the students put in.  We believe that in addition to implementing more environmentally friendly practices at the gardens, the cleanup days, so wonderfully supported by the students, are helping to create the community in our community gardens.

For more photos from the day, check the Photos page on the Green Team website.

Now’s Your Last Chance to Keep Great Organic Materials for Your Garden!

The Fall leaf drop has begun in earnest, in fact, here in Ewing it is practically done.  This is your last chance to keep this wonderful organic matter to build better garden soil in your garden.  Don’t put your leaves out at the curb for the township to pick up.  Your best move is to keep them for your garden.  Bring out your mulching mower and chop them up.

  • Option 1 – Put them in your beds to protect your plants from the weather and frost heaves during the winter.
  • Or, try option 2 – put them in  your compost bin.  They will decompose beautifully by spring.
  • Option 3 – Mow them into the lawn to create a healthier, more vibrant lawn (see video below).
  • Option 4 – build a new, no dig lasagna garden.  Place newspapers, cardboard down where you want to create a new garden bed.  Cover (deeply) with your chopped leaves.  Make sure they are wet to hold them in place initially.  By spring, you will have a new garden spot all ready to plant. No digging required for bed preparation at all.

Check out the following video to see how easy it is to chop up your leaves.

See also on our Green Team site for more information.