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July Meeting Updates

Highlights from the July meeting are listed below.  Please contact the ECGA if you have any questions or concerns.

Unmaintained Plots

weedsAt the last ECGA meeting, volunteers agreed to maintain and/or plant in unmaintained and unclaimed plots so that the weed population is kept under control. If a plot neighboring yours is not being maintained, please contact the Community Gardens Association and we’ll try to assign someone to it, if someone hasn’t been assigned already. We’re in the process of updating the plot layout map on the website to reflect the volunteers’ efforts.  Below is a picture of the assignments as we know them at this point.  (click on it to enlarge the image)


Food Donations

We have not had an organized system to donate excess produce in the past. Starting this week, Michael Nordquist will collect any unwanted and decent quality food on Wednesday mornings to deliver to Mercer Street Friends, which then distributes it to food pantries in Ewing and the region. Each week, on Tuesday afternoon/evening, a crate or basket will be placed on or under the picnic table to collect food donations. On Wednesday morning, between 9am and 10am, he or a TCNJ Bonner will come by to collect and donate the food. We’ll see how this works for a few weeks and adjust as needed. This will start this week – July 23,2014 – so there should be a bin on the picnic table tomorrow afternoon to be picked up on Wednesday morning.


There have been requests to put any hose that you use back in the general area and in the general condition in which you found it. Please do so.

Harvest Celebration

A suggestion was made at the last meeting that we hold a Ewing Community Garden Harvest celebration this year in September.  We are currently planning to hold a site wide clean up on Saturday morning, September 20th with a contingent of TCNJ student volunteers.  The picnic could be held during the afternoon.  More to come…

ECGA Members at the Isles Gardens

Crisis Ministry_4Pictures of our recent Isles Tour led by Dave Byers, Green Team member, Master Gardener, retired landscape architect, and Isles volunteer and Jim Simon, Program Manager of Urban Agriculture for Isles. It was eye opening.  The gardens were incredible and included well tended plots and lots of art and repurposed materials. It a great day and we came back with lots of ideas and enthusiasm for all that community gardens can be.  Take a look at our gallery of photos.