Ewing Community Gardens Association [ECGA] Bylaws

Article I – Name and Structure

The name of this organization shall be “Ewing Community Gardeners’ Association” (ECGA).

This association is an independent organization, comprising all plotholders at Ewing Community Gardens.

Article II – Mission

The mission of ECGA is:

  • to represent the interests and concerns of the gardeners to the township;
  • to recommend guidelines that serve the interests of all of the gardeners; and
  • to organize and coordinate improvements and activities for the benefit of all gardeners.

 Article III – Membership and Voting

Any person who rents a plot at the Ewing Community Garden is considered to be a member of ECGA, with plotholder eligibility determined by Ewing Township ordinance.

Any person whose name is listed on a Ewing Community Garden plotholding license may vote in all Garden Council elections and on amendments to the bylaws.

Article IV – Garden Council Elections and Positions

The ECGA Garden Council will serve as the executive board of the ECGA.

Elections of Garden Council Members shall be held annually at September’s general meeting, with terms running from October 1 to September 30 of each year.

Nominations for the following year’s Garden Council election will be accepted through September 1st, and shall be collected by the current Garden Council.

The seven candidates who receive the most votes from voting members of ECGA will become members of the Garden Council.

The Garden Council will consist of seven ECGA members. Positions within the Garden Council, to be assigned to members of the Council by each elected Council, shall include:

  • Chair, whose duties are to chair monthly meetings, set meeting agendas, maintain order at meetings, and assign Garden Council positions. The chair, or his/her delegate, will also be the ECGA representative to Ewing Township administration. The chair’s position will be determined by the most votes received in annual elections. In the event of a tie, the chair’s position will be determined by a plurality vote of the newly elected Council.
  • Vice Chair, whose duties are to serve as Chair in the Chair’s absence and to assist the Chair in the Chair’s duties.
  • Secretary, whose duties are to record meeting minutes, and post them publicly, to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of current members’ contact information, and communicate with the ECGA general membership.
  • Green Team liaison, whose duties are to coordinate the activities of the Ewing Green Team and the ECGA.

Persons in these positions shall perform the duties usually connected with such offices and shall perform other duties as the Garden Council may specify.

Vacancies in any seat shall be filled for the un-expired term by appointment of the Garden Council within thirty days.

The Garden Council, by simple majority vote, may establish and abolish standing and special committees and positions. Permanent positions require an amendment to the By-Laws.

Article V – Meetings

Garden Council meetings shall be held at least eight times a year, and will be open to all ECGA members. Specific meeting time and location will be announced at least one week prior to the meeting, online and on the Garden site during gardening months at the Gardens.

Meetings will be used by the Garden Council to discuss and decide on issues affecting Ewing Community Gardens.

Article VI –By-Laws Ratification and Amendments

These By-Laws shall be in effect upon a simple majority vote by any voting members of the general membership of ECGA.

These By-Laws may be amended by a simple majority vote by any voting members of the membership of ECGA. Any amendments must be circulated to the membership at least two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting. Voting may occur prior to and at the scheduled meeting during which the amendment is to be voted on. Voting will close at the end of the scheduled meeting. Amendments will go into effect two weeks after approval.

Article VII – Guidelines

The Garden Council will develop recommended guidelines to govern gardening practices and policies at the Ewing Community Gardens. The Garden Council will submit these recommended guidelines to the appropriate representative in Ewing Township government for revision and approval.

The Ewing Township-approved guidelines will be approved annually by a simple majority vote of any voting members of the general membership of ECGA.

Approved guidelines will be presented to Ewing Township for inclusion with the rental agreement.

Approved 2/26/2014

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